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    Are you a homwowner in Beaverton or Lake Oswego? Do you need your tile and grout cleaned? We've got some important tips for you:
  • Even with a sealer, tile and grout needs regular maintenance to keep it looking its best.
  • Professional tile and grout cleaning will produce superior results to that of a janitor or house cleaner.
  • Professional steam vapor systems help lift dirt off the surface while sterilizing it.
  • DeWolf recommends having a sealer applied after the deep cleaning to help protect the surface and ease future maintenance.

Beaverton & Lake Oswego Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile not looking as good as it used too?

Beaverton Tile CleaningWhile most homeowners get their carpets cleaned by a professional, they neglect their tile for years before calling in a professional.


Instead of struggling with maintaining your tile and grout, call DeWolf Tile and Stone to get your tile to look its best.


We've been offering professional cleaning, maintenance and sealing of tile and grout for homeowners in Beaverton, Lake Oswego and the surrounding Portland area.


Tile and grout cleaning

Lake Oswego Tile CleaningCleaning of your tile, stone and grout is best done by professionals using a steam vapor cleaning system and professional grade cleaners.


Hiring the experts at DeWolf's to do the work is better than hiring a janitor or house cleaner to come to your home as we have the experience and equipment to give you a true deep cleaning.


Tile Cleaning Process

Step 1 Cleaner applied

A tile degreasing agent is applied to the surface. This cleaner helps loosen soiling, chemical residues and other impurities from the surface.


Step 2 Steam Vapor

We use our steam vapor cleaners to go over the tile and grout joints to lift the dirt out of the grout and sterilize it.


Step 3 Spot Cleaning

After the steam process, a spot cleaner is used (if needed) to extract any difficult stains that may not have been removed during the initial cleaning process. If tile and grout has not been maintained or sealed properly, the stains may be permanent and unable to be removed. If this is the case, then regrouting or colorsealing is an option to restore the grout back to its original look.


Step 4 Grout sealer

After the cleaning process is performed, all the surface contaminants will have been removed and the surface is ready for the application of a stone or grout sealer.


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