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    If you're in need of tile installation in the Beaverton, Lake Oswego and Portland areas, we've got some important tips for you:
  • Not all tile installers are equal. Many tile installers do not follow the proper techniques and methods for a long lasting tile installation, as well as use subpar materials just to be able to provide a cheaper bid to the customer.
  • If your installation cannot be repaired, DeWolf Tile & Stone can provide a bid on removal and replacement.
  • Tile is a long lasting and lower maintenance surface than many other options on the market.
  • Most issues that occur in tile installations are the fault of an inexperienced tile installation contractor.


Hire experienced tile installers

Lake Oswego Tile InstallationUnfortunately, there are a high percentage of inexperienced tile contractors that do not perform to industry standards.


Many times these contractors cut corners every chance they get just to offer the customer a low price to get the job.


Every day we see installations that are falling apart due to an inexperienced tile installer. Many times the installer thought they were doing it right though years later, the homeowner starts having problems due to mistakes made during installation.


DeWolf Tile & Stone are members of the NTCA (National Tile Contractors Association) whose role is to provide the proper training and education to its members on the standards for proper installation of tile and stone.


DeWolf Tile & Stone is constantly educating their employees to changes to codes and rules in the tile industry as well as better products and techniques to create long lasting and beautiful installations.

Beaverton & Lake Oswego Tile Installation

Beaverton Tile InstallationHave a leaking tile shower?

Old bathroom in desperate need of an update?


Tile and stone installation offer longevity, beauty and almost unlimited options for nearly every area of your Portland home.


Whether you need to remodel out of necessity or furnishing a newly built home, tile is an excellent choice for any room.


Superior tile installation for Beaverton and Lake Oswego homeowners

DeWolf Tile and Stone offers tile installation for the entire Portland area, including Beaverton and Lake Oswego. With over 30 years of experience, our skilled craftsmen have completed installations of all types of tile, including marble, ceramic, travertine and glass.


We also work with many other skilled tradesman and are able to help coordinate for a plumber, electrician, or other trades to work with us to help get your project done quickly and correctly.


Starting the tile installation process

The first step is to choose your tile and then contact a licensed and knowledgeable tile contractor. If you have not selected a tile, then it is nearly impossible for the contractor to provide you with an estimate as some types of tile are easier to install while others which need more time and attention. All these things will change the bid for installation significantly.


Tile Installation Process with DeWolf's Tile & Stone

Step 1 Choosing tile

Start by going to a tile and stone showroom to choose your tile or call DeWolf's and we can refer you to a showroom in your area.


Step 2 Consultation

Once you have chosen your tile or have some ideas, call DeWolf's for your free estimate and in-home consultation. We'll present ideas, let you know the best materials to use in certain locations and let you know what needs to be done to get the best and longest lasting tile installation.


Step 3 Estimate

Once we have taken measurements and you have chosen your tile, our staff will present you with an estimate. Once you accept the bid, your tile will be ordered and your project scheduled.


Step 4 Installation

During the installation, our staff will protect the surrounding areas of your home to ensure no damage is done and keep the lines of communication open concerning any issues or changes that may arise. We'll work with you to ensure the finished product is one you love.


Tile Repair and Installation

Sometimes when we are called out for an estimate on repair work, we find conditions that are not able to be repaired. If this is the case, we tell you why it can't be repaired and present you with an estimate for removal and new installation of the tile or stone surface.


DeWolf Tile Estimate


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