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Metal and Glass Cleaner

Metal & Glass Cleaner

This amazing biodegradable cleaner uses no acids, diamonds, or abrasives to easily clean glass, metal, tile, stainless, fiberglass, and more. 


Even remove the most heavy duty buildup from your shower doors or fiberglass tub!  Easy to use, just apply it to the surface and use one of our 3M nonscratch pads to buff the mineral deposits, dirt and grime right off the surface. 


Comes in a 16 oz. squirt bottle.  (Also comes with (2) 3M Brand White Nylon non scratch pads.)


HydroShield Glass Cleaner

HydroShield Glass Cleaner

The preferred cleaner for all your HydroShield surfaces. A combination of surfactants, sequestering agents, and solvent alcohol.


Quickly penetrates dust, grease, soil and smoke on all windows and other glass surfaces. Leaves glass with no residues or streaks.


Best when used with a microfiber towel.


Comes in a 32oz. spray bottle.


3M Non Scratch Pads

3M Non Scratch Pads

Great for use with metal & glass cleaner. 4 pads in a kit.


Used for cleaning glass and metal with mineral deposits and other contaminants.


Easy to wash and reuse.


Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaner

Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaner

A neutral Ph cleaner specifically for cleaning tile and stone.


Will not damage tile or hard surfaces, grout, sealer, or stone.


Very safe formula, comes in a 32oz. bottle and needs to be diluted before use.


Most cleaning can be performed with just 2-3 oz. of cleaner in a gallon of water.


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