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ImageGuidelines for proper maintenance


It is now time to make sure you're going to follow a few basic guidelines for your stone’s proper maintenance and preservation.


Maintenance of natural stone is not much more difficult than other material, the difference is mostly in the cleaning agents.



Natural stones, such as marble, travertine, limestone, have a delicate chemical composition that may interact in "strange" or damaging ways with the chemistry of cleaning solutions that are not specifically formulated for the task.


Once you know WHAT to use, all you have to do is follow the basic DO’s & DON'T’s listed below.


For your convenience, we have included a few of the tips in the following sliding panels or you can download a printable version.


Download the PDF Version of our Tips

Tile Countertop Maintenance

Tile Floor Maintenance

Tile Shower Maintenance

Shower Glass & Granite Slab HydroShield HSG Maintenance

General Tips

Spills can be very different in nature from one another and most of them will turn out to be detrimental to stone, if unattended. Orange juice, wine, vinegar, liquors, tomato sauce, perfume, after shave, or wrong cleaning products (this is a few of a long list) most likely won't damage "granite" and "green marble" surfaces, but will ETCH polished marble, travertine, limestone, onyx and alabaster.


Here are some general tips to always follow to protect your surfaces:
DO pick up any spill as quickly as you can get to it.


DON'T rub the spill, only blot it.


DON'T use any generic cleaning product on your natural stone, or nearby it (i.e.: a liquid toilet bowl cleaner when the toilet is set on a marble floor), unless the label specifies that it's safe on natural marble (cultured marble is manmade, and it's basically a plastic material).

Floor Maintenance

Tip:  A good-quality mop and the proper mopping bucket are key to obtaining the best results at mopping your highly polished stone or porcelain floor. My very favorites are good sized, closed-loop cotton string mops.


DON'T damp-mop your floor immediately after installation and grouting. While you won't cause any real damage, the fine powder most likely left on the floor will be trapped in the water and may leave ugly, hard-to-remove streaks all over its surface. For the first week or so, just vacuum and dust mop your floor as often as you can. You will know it's ready to be washed when your hands remains clean (no whitish powder) after rubbing it on the floor.


DON'T damp-mop your floor using a solution of water with a commercially available cleaner, unless its label specifically indicates that its use is safe on natural marble


Showershower Maintenance

DO clean your shower stall daily.


DON'T use any cleanser, either in a powdery or creamy form.


DON'T use any generic soap film remover, such as Tilex Soap Scum on your polished stone shower stall.


DON'T use any generic mildew stain remover, such as "Tilex Mildew Stain Remover on your polished stone shower stall.

Countertop Maintenance

Tip:  While generic spray cleaners may not damage the stone itself, they could turn out to be detrimental to the impregnator-sealer, which will eventually lead to staining of your unprotected counter top.


DON'T let any spill sit too long on the surface of your counter top. Clean spills up (preferably by blotting) as soon as you can.


DON'T take chances with a regular glass cleaner: possible over-spray could spill on the marble surface and may damage it.


DON'T use any powder cleanser, or - worse yet - any cream cleanser, like Soft Scrub.


DON'T put any wet bottle onto it (perfume, after-shave, etc.). Keep your cosmetic and fragrances in one of those mirror trays, and make sure that the legs of the tray has felts tips.



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