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Recaulking and Re-Coloring

ImageTime, movement and temperature changes are just some of the reasons why calking will fade, crack or fall out. 


Caulking is important not only to the finished appearance of tile and stone, but in many cases, it provides necessary waterproofing to showers, baths and kitchen area. 


DeWolf Tile & Stone, LLC provides complete recaulking for your tile and stone using the latest in elastomeric sealants.

What is grout re-coloring?

IMageA grout coloring material is applied to each grout joint. It’s essential that all grout be covered, including the critical junction where the grout meets the tile.


The need for full coverage causes some of the coloring material to be deposited on the tiles themselves.  Don’t worry!  This excess material is carefully removed from the face of the tile or stone, resulting in no damage to the tile’s surface.

ImageWhy re-color your grout?

  • Your old grout has become so soiled and discolored that it can’t be cleaned
  • Color of the grout is out-dated or a mismatched color
  • The re-coloring process provides an excellent seal, which guards against further discoloration

The Process and It's Benefits

  • The grout is given a thorough cleaning using heavy-duty industrial strength cleaner.
  • Grout colorant is applied
  • The floor can be walked on approximately 2 hours after the process is complete.


Benefits of Grout Re-Coloring

  • Restores discolored grout.
  • Corrects color shading on new grout.
  • Choose a new color for your grout from over 50+ colors!
  • Provides a sealed protection to the grout that resists spills and soiling.

Color shading

ImageEach container of grout has a disclaimer clearly stating that due to job conditions, new grout may have color shading and can be discolored due to weather and humidity conditions, grout mixing methods, bad grout, or even the tile itself can cause coloration problems.


Don’t worry, most discoloration problems can be rectified by re-coloring the grout. The additional benefit to grout re-coloring is the re-coloring process also seals the grout so new grout that has been re-colored is actually better than new.




. . .thanks for a great job on our bathroom shower, tub and counter. Everything came together really nicely and we appreciate very much the great group of workers . . You were efficient and the work excellent. With two people working pretty long hours, you really needed someone you could trust with little or no guidance.


You went above and beyond that, so thank you.


- Chuck C., Lake Oswego, OR

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