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Repairs and Regrouting

ImageThere are many reasons for tile and grout to crack and if the reason for the cracked tile or grout is not remedied, you will experience the same end results again and it may cause structural problems to your home or building that will result in costly repairs in the future.


You don't want that to happen do you? 

We'll track down the source of the Problem

Our skilled technicians are trained to identify the source of cracked tile or grout and will determine to the best of our ability the source of your tile problem. 


Possible causes include

  • Hollow tiles that have lost their bond to the substrate, due to improper installation
  • Excessive deflection or movement of the substrate to which tile is bonded
  • The wrong substrate (underlayment) used in installation
  • Excessive moisture deteriorating the substrate
  • Improper adhesives used during installation

Cracked Tile

ImageIf a tile is cracked and needs replacement, DeWolf Tile & Stone, LLC will replace only owner-supplied tile for this reason:  most tile manufacturers retool their machinery for new technology and run a 3 to 6-year cycle for the life of their tile series meaning tile lines are dropped and new tile lines take over. 


The result is the new tiles more than likely will not match the existing tile, even if the tile is the same color and item number. 

Matching Tile

ImageDeWolf will recommend a supplier we believe will have the best match for your tile or if it’s not possible for you (the customer) to look for the tile, DeWolf can do it for you, though we do charge for this service on a time and material basis. 


Please be aware that your tile may not be able to be patched except with a tile that is only semi-close to the tile you are replacing.

Quoting Tile Repairs vs. a Rough Estimate

Oregon Tile EstimateWhile DeWolf Tile & Stone, LLC uses proper installation methods and products, many other companies do not.  Therefore, until our technicians have begun repairing the areas in question, we are unable to give a firm quote on the costs of the repair. We can only use our experience to forecast the actual problem that has taken place, and give you a price for what we believe it will take to remedy the repair.


Looks can sometimes be deceiving and even with our extensive experience, we have no way of knowing how the tile was installed or the substrate used until we begin to remove the actual tile. If the damage to the tile is more extensive than predicted and needs extensive renovation, we will refer you to a tile contractor specializing in small tile installation to provide you with a quality tile installation.

Repair Services

  • Re-bonding loose or hollow tile
  • Re-grouting
  • Re-caulking tubs, showers, backsplashes
  • Replace cracked or chipped tile
  • Replace missing grout
  • Removing grout haze




. . .thank you for the great job your guys did in refurbishing our Master Bath. The tile and marble look like new.


The crew was extremely professional and personable and gave us lots of good ideas as to keeping the surfaces looking good.


- Jay & Barbara R.

DeWolf Tile Estimate


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