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Natural Stone Install and Repairs

Marble polishingUnlike ceramic or porcelain tiles, natural stone can stain, etch, and show wear easily.  It’s important to be educated on the potential hazards and problems that can occur with your stone, if not properly maintained over the years. 


Whether you have a brand new installation or an older one with problems, DeWolf Tile & Stone LLC, can help you to resolve your issues and educate you to make sure these problems don't reoccur.


Grinding (also known as flattening the floor) is a process in which metal bonded diamond pads attached to specialized machinery goes through the floor to remove lippage (difference in heights between tiles) making the floor truly flat.  This process is necessary where there are extremely deep scratches in the floor or the lippage is so severe that the floor cannot be properly restored without it.


Honing is the step of removing scratches from the floor and providing a smooth, unpolished surface. There are many degrees of honing that a customer can choose during the process. 


After the floor has been honed, there is another option called polishing the floor. Since every floor polishes differently, there is no set standard to the degree of shine that will result from the floor, but most of the time a mirror-like finish will be achieved.


This is accomplished using powders mixed with water to create a slurry, that will (with the aid of machinery) be burnished into the floor, providing a deep gloss at completion.


Many different natural stones look beautiful at installation but may not have quite all the colors and variety you had wanted. By using a stone enhancer, DeWolf Tile & Stone, LLC can give your stone a "wet look" appearance for years to come. This will give your floor variation and enhance the colors in the stone.

Marble and Stone Services

  • Marble & Natural Stone Services
  • Grind, Hone & Re-polish Marble, Travertine & Limestone
  • Polish Concrete
  • Water Etching Removal
  • Stain Removal
  • Travertine Filler Replacement
  • Stone Slab Epoxy Seam Repairs
  • Marble Chipping Repairs
  • Countertop Refinishing

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